Featuring the biblical Jewish Festivals that has to be celebrated

One of the famous nationalities that are known worldwide favorably and unfavorably is the Jews or the Israelites. They were regarded before as the chosen people of God and they have received the promise to be able to go to the land of Canaan to live there with prosperity. The festivals were given to them to celebrate until the end of time so that they could be blessed continually and be the chosen people. Let us know through the video what are those festivals.

Here you can listen abut the list of festivals that are given as examples. If you will see in the scripture, you will know that there are weekly feasts and also yearly feasts that has to be celebrated. The weekly feast is the Sabbath that God has commanded. It falls on the day of Saturday as was taught from the old until the new testaments and was also directed to be celebrated until the end of time on this earth. It means even at our time we should celebrate it.

It is nor just the Jews but those people of God shall celebrate the commandments of God because the promise is there. Obviously, you cannot find a church that celebrates all the feasts but only one is the exemption. Even if all except one church follow the culture and tradition we should not if we want to become the people of God. Let us also understand what the feasts mean to us and for our salvation. All the more, learning how internet marketing works is something that is essential to every business. They call it 八拓科技有限公司 which teaches you to become a good marketer. This is tool to engage in the online world, by the way the services are written in Asian character.