The list of 10 summer festivals around Europe in the month of May 2011

The summer months mean festivals all around the world. The world is fond of festivals and they have their own that they celebrate every year. Today we will still feature the continent of Europe. We will know what are the ten festivals that they celebrate every year. This year too there are festivals and we will know them when we will read the infographic below that provides the list and some facts and information about it like ticket price and beer price that they love.

The number one listed festival is the oxegen that is celebrated in Ireland. It was given an award in the year 2011 as the Best International Festival that was awarded by UK Festival Awards. It also received the award of Best European Festival line up that is given by Havas Sports and Entertainment. The second festival in Europe is the Glastonbury that is celebrated in the United Kingdom. Try to plan a trip from this place, check China Tourist Visa process. It is one of the agency that the tickets are always sold months before the your trip.

The third festival is the V Festival celebrated in the United Kingdom. The fourth is rock Werchter in the country of Belgium. Festivals could not disappear in a country and as many countries are located on the continent of Europe so the festivals are also high in number. The festival time is a time of enjoyment and so a country also wants to have one here. If you want to experience one of them then you can make effort and attend one of them.