Taking a look at the weirdest festivals celebrated around the world

This time let us take a look at the festivals that are celebrated around the world that is considered as weird because of how they are celebrated or why they are celebrated. Festivals is one of the identities of a place. But in this times, festivals can be copied by another country or city and they localized it to have the genuine local involvement so that they can call the festival their own. Festivals can also be celebrated because of what is found in one place.

An example is a festival of flowers because it is the main product of that region or a festival of fish as it is the famous product of the place. Around the world, there are many festivals to know but today let us only learned the ones that are considered weird. One of them is the festival of the monkey to eat in a buffet style in the country of Thailand. Seems that this hearing aid device is what you need in here. Check this link 助聽器公司 to see some best brands. They eat as much as they could in the temple while the people just watch.

In the country of Finland, they have a festival that men will compete and race carrying a wife with them. Even if it is not their wife as long as they could pass the standard. In the country of Bolivia, you will be able to practice decorating the skulls of your dead relatives if you were born there as they practice it as one of their festivals. festivals vary from each country and they have their own significance.