The Mid-Autumn Festival in the Lunar Calendar

A festival is a great occasion celebrated in every part of the world. People celebrate a festival because there is a meaningful reason behind it. In each nation, various festivals are being celebrated once a year. A lot of preparations are made and the cost of preparation is also great. For example, in some part of the Philippines, they celebrate a flower festival. How much do you think is the cost of celebrating this flower festival? Just think of the fabulous and grand float parade!

Various beautiful flowers are being displayed! Like this, festival is a meaningful event. And these festivals are based on the solar calendar. What about the mid-autumn festival in the lunar calendar?

The mid-autumn festival is believed to have three important meanings. First is the gathering wherein all the family and friends gather together or it is the time for harvesting crops. Second is thanksgiving. Here, the people give thanks for the abundant harvest or for being united. And lastly, praying wherein during this time, the people will ask for things needed to be satisfied in their lives such as a long life and beauty.

What are the main activities during the festival?

The people would enjoy eating moon cakes. They do so because they want to express their love and hope for a better life. They also light up candles as a symbol of supervising their children. Carrying lanterns is also being done during the festival. This event means that the people are to let go of their old self. The people also show their appreciation to the moon because they believe that it is a symbol for wholeness and togetherness.